Sun, the king of the planets, is about to enter Scorpio on 16th November. Sun’s entry into Scorpio will affect people of all zodiac signs.

Many zodiac signs will get benefits from this, while some people may have to go through struggle and challenges. Let us know how this transit of Sun is going to be for your zodiac sign.

Aries- During the transit of Sun in Scorpio, you will have to be more conscious about your health, because problems related to heart and bones can bother you. That’s why you are advised not to ignore your health.

Taurus- This transit of Sun will improve your relationship with business partner. In such a situation, your business will be seen flourishing. Also will bring some new opportunities in your business. Since Sun is the planet of arrogance and arrogance, you may see ups and downs in the relationship with your spouse due to arrogance.

Gemini- Sun’s transit in Scorpio will be auspicious for you. Students who are preparing for competitive exams will get success and will perform well in their exams. If you are working in any administrative or government post, then during this time you can get a big success.

Cancer- This period will also be favorable for the students of Cancer. They can take full advantage of this time and achieve success. Those who are in a love relationship are advised to be careful during this period, as there is a possibility of an argument with the partner.

Leo- Sun’s transit in Scorpio will give you materialistic pleasures and happiness. This will be a favorable period for actors and politicians. There are chances of profit from property related business as the Sun is aspecting your tenth house. However, your mother’s health may decline during this period.

Virgo- You can plan for a long distance journey to spend quality time with your younger siblings. The confidence of the people working in such fields will increase and their communication skills will be better. Those who are working in multinational companies, they will also see positive results in the form of profit during this period.

Libra- Sun’s transit in Scorpio will give you many opportunities to save money. This period will prove to be beneficial for the people working in the finance sector, as they will be seen working with some creative ideas. Along with this, he will get full support of his family.

Scorpio- This transit of the Sun will prove to be favorable for the natives of Scorpio. You will get success and popularity through work and business. An increase in your respect and position will be possible. Your leadership and decision making ability will be impressive.

Sagittarius- After this transit, you can get employment and opportunities to get benefits somewhere far away. The long distance journeys or foreign trips undertaken by you during this transit period will prove to be beneficial and will improve your lifestyle. You can also get financial benefits from these trips.

Capricorn- There are more chances of sudden monetary gain for the people of Capricorn. Professionally, you will get the fruits and benefits of all the hard work done in the last one year for your career and business.

Aquarius- This transit of Sun will prove fruitful for you. Financially, the flow of income will be good and saving money will also be possible. Professionally, you can see progress and promotion in your career. Your successful leadership will be appreciated at the workplace.

Pisces- This Sun transit will be auspicious for Pisces people. Students who are planning to take admission in any foreign institute for higher education, their dream can be fulfilled during this period. Along with this, the transit of Sun in Scorpio will be favorable for consultants, mentors and teachers and they will be able to influence others easily. PLC/GT


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