Sun sign change: Know which zodiac signs will get good news

Planet Sun will move out of Libra and transit into Scorpio. This zodiac change of Sun will happen on Wednesday, November 16 and this planet stays in one zodiac for 30 days.

In astrology it is called Vrischika Sankranti. The planet Sun is considered to be the factor of soul, father, high position, king, respect, government job etc. It is considered high in Aries and low in Libra and Sun is also the ruler of Leo. This transit of Sun will have auspicious effect on six zodiac signs.


You will get benefits in many areas for one month due to the change of Sun’s zodiac sign. During this period, you will perform brilliantly in the field. You will get positive results of your hard work at the workplace. There will be benefits in opposite sex friends and relatives.

Leo sun sign

With the auspicious effect of the transit, your physical pleasures will increase. During this, those who do business related to property are likely to get profit. You will run your own budget properly, due to which your accumulated capital will increase. You will get desired results in the workplace.


With the effect of this transit, the possibilities of profit in your economic sector will prevail. During this time you will get many opportunities to save money. An atmosphere of affection will be seen in the family. If you make any investment, it will give you good profit. Your communication style will also be effective.


Sun will transit in the first house from your zodiac. You will get respect in the society. There will be chances of government job. There will be a lot of benefits of governance. Government work will be completed. There will also be chances of progress in the workplace. There can be estrangement with the spouse about something.


Sun will transit in the tenth house from your zodiac sign. The transit will bring success in the workplace. You can progress in the office or you can get promoted in some good place. People searching for jobs can get good news during this period. There is a possibility of getting a government job.


Your plan can be successful due to Scorpio Sankranti. Your fortune will increase. You will get full support of your father and gurus. Not only this, during this time your father will give you full support on the financial front as well. Your interest in the spiritual field will increase during this period. PLC/GT


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