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Sujoy was upset with me


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The supremely talented and versatile actress, Vidya Balan has played a radio jockey in her reel life winning commendable praise, accolades and acclaim for these roles. She recently took up the role of an RJ in her real life and sure is acing it like a boss! On 92.7 BIG FM’s Muthoot Blue ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho, Vidya goes on a trip down memory lane and speaks about her critically appreciated film ‘Kahaani 2’. Enjoying her newest lease of life as an RJ, Vidya also takes it upon herself to speak about prevalent issues that are taboo and break myths about societal norms. In a Friday special episode with Mumbai Ka Sabse Bada Struggler RJ Abhilash, she spoke on the atrocities of child abuse that were explored in her movie and also opens up about her estranged relationship with director Sujoy Ghosh.

When asked about the challenges she faced while shooting for Kahaani 2, Vidya said, “Durga’s character provokes the child to open up to her. I remember when I read the scene, I happened to praise Sujoy on how beautifully he had maintained the essence of the part with it being so sensitively written. But the day I had to enact the scene, I thought I just couldn’tdo it. That child was so young.To talk about an imaginary friend and say I have a friend who touches me, not liking it when he does, was very difficult. Sujoy had to come speak to me that day. He said, ‘If you don’t do this, imagine how many children will be victim to this crime. Maybe because of this scene you’ll be able to save at least one child.’  After that, I just had to do it, but it was very difficult.”

Opening up about the dynamics of her relationship with Sujoy Ghosh she says,” Our equation is very strange. Sometimes we are the best of buddies, other times we are at war. I have never understood this and maybe never will be able to. After Kahaani and its immense success, he brought a movie to me titled ‘Durga Raani Singh’. I wasn’t keeping well those days so I decided to let the film go and take a break instead. Sujoy was upset with me and he didn’t speak to me for almost a year and a half. One day, he was in a coffee shop so I went and tapped his shoulder because even I felt weird about it. We were such good friends who’d made an amazing blockbuster together and then got estranged. So I tried to be funny and asked him, ‘You remember I was a pregnant lady in your film Kahaani?’ He turns around and says, ‘Was it you? What’s your name?’ And within a moment everything just fell into place. Later on he came to me with Kahaani 2 and because Durga Rani Singh didn’t happen he used that name in Kahaani 2”

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