New Delhi,

Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy today visited Pune to review Health Skill Centre of Symbiosis and other good skill training centres in the city.At the Symbiosis Centre, Mr. Rudy said the success of Make in India depends on availability of ‘makers of India’- the skilled workforce, which would propel the manufacturing and growth scenario in the country. He subsequently visited BVG India Hospital & Skill Development Centre and DSK International Skill Training Centre- skill centres in healthcare and industrial design respectively in Pune. He appreciated the Emergency Response Services facility at the former and the state of the art campus for high end skilling at the latter. During the visits, shri Rudy mentioned about the stellar role of the Prime Minister Modi in bringing about a paradigm shift in the national discourse and bringing about a renewed focus on skill development in the country. The fact that the Skill India Mission is headed by none other than the Prime Minister speaks volumes of the importance given to Skill India Mission under the present dispensation, he averred. He also pointed out that the emphasis on formal education has grown over time since almost all the role models in various fields of life come from formally educated background. There are abundant success stories of people who have exemplified themselves through attainment of good formal education, thereby scaling up the social ladder. On the other hand, such stories from the skilling sector are few and far between. This has led to lesser aspirational values being attached by the society on acquisition of these skills. He, therefore, emphasized that India needs an ecosystem where skill development is considered dignified and respected.Rudy also outlined the necessity of establishing institutional linkages between good centres in various trades across the country so that benefits of scale and specialization could be reaped by all. He mentioned that a nation-wide integration of such good centres would benefit the skill ecosystem by providing platforms of excellence and seamless upgradation of skilling knowhow among the students. He also assured full support and partnership of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to the centres he visited.


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