Students Rally Against War in New York – Biden’s problems increased


New York : Demonstrations regarding war are increasing in schools and colleges in America. Students are living in tents and this is affecting the functioning of the universities. This is creating an atmosphere of anarchy. New York Police has detained several protesting students from New York University. In fact, pro-Palestine students broke barricades and spread anarchy during the demonstration. Due to which he was arrested. Pro-Palestinian protesting students have also pitched around 15 tents at the University of California. Many videos of student protests are also going viral on social media.

Now the pressure on the American government is also increasing due to the ongoing war in Gaza and President Joe Biden is becoming surrounded at home. In fact, protests are taking place in many universities of America on the issue of Gaza war. These protests are taking place on a large scale and the situation is such that the academic session in many universities of America is being badly affected and thousands of students as well as teachers and other staff are also involved in the pro-Palestine protests.

From America’s Columbia University to California’s Stanford University, pro-Palestine rallies are being held and thousands of students are protesting. Students are blaming the Biden government and its policies for the deaths of civilians in Gaza. According to an American media report, classes are being postponed at Columbia University. Yale Police has also arrested a dozen protesting students. Pro-Palestinian protesters have also pitched tents on the university campus. Similar is the situation with other colleges in America.


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