Mother’s Day is celebrated to honour all mothers and express the gratitude towards them. To make mother’s feel precious, the students of KBDAV-7 thought of a novel way to show their love and respect towards their mothers. Children reciprocated the role of mothers by showing their affection towards the mothers through various activities. The touching moments of the occasion was the Greeting Cards made by little hands with a message for the mothers. The younger ones expressed their little creativity by making GAJRAS and INNOVATIVE JEWELLERY from beads, macroni, colourful stones, flowers etc. Whereas Class-VI & VII boys and girls made the mother’s day special by preparing sumptuous salads and nutrious sandwiches. Thinking on the broader aspect, the higher wing linked the mother’s day with love for the ‘Mother Earth’. They prepared lovely models and charts to save the Mother Earth.’ Principal Madhu Bahl says, ‘Mother’s love is like a fuel that enables a child to do the impossible.’ At KBDAV-7, the values and respect for elders is inculcated in every child through such activities conducted on different occasions.


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