Chauthi Pass Raja ki kahani
Chauthi Pass Raja ki kahani

New Delhi   – : The story of the fourth pass Raja, narrated by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal during a rally in Delhi, is gaining popularity. Kejriwal criticized the central government’s handling of issues such as inflation and unemployment, accusing them of hindering development programs in Delhi. He mocked the introduction and subsequent withdrawal of the 2000 rupee note. Kejriwal vowed to continue telling the story and wished God’s blessings on those who listened. The story revolves around an illiterate and corrupt king, highlighting his lack of understanding in governing the country.


Part – 1 : Arvind Kejriwal told the story of the Chauthi Pass Raja in Delhi Vidhan Sabha

According to the story, the king was born in a poor household in a village in a country that had a rich history. Despite his humble beginnings, the village astrologer predicted that the child would become a great emperor. The child, however, lacked interest in education and dropped out of school after the fourth grade. Due to poverty, he started selling tea at the train station. Despite his limited education, he had a talent for giving persuasive speeches and began attracting an audience from nearby villages.

As the child grew older, he became the king, despite his illiteracy. The officers manipulated him by having him sign documents without his understanding. The king’s illiteracy became widely known throughout the country, which greatly upset him. In response, the king arranged for a fake master’s degree. This only worsened his arrogance and ignorance, as people would bring anything for his approval.


Part – 2 : Arvind Kejriwal told the story of the Chauthi Pass Raja in Delhi Ramlila Maidan

At one point, some individuals proposed demonetization to the king, claiming it would curb corruption and terrorism. The king, lacking discernment, announced demonetization on television, causing chaos across the country. Long queues formed outside banks, and many people suffered. Businesses closed down, jobs were lost, and major industries shut down. Later, there was a demand to introduce the 2000 rupee note, and the king complied. However, after four years, people demanded the discontinuation of the note, and the king obliged without any logical reasoning.

Another incident occurred when people asked the king to enact laws beneficial to farmers. The king passed the laws, but it led to widespread protests by farmers from all over the country. Tragically, 750 farmers lost their lives during the movement. Ultimately, after a year, the king had to retract all three of the controversial laws.

Please note that the above story is a fictional narrative and does not reflect real events or individuals.


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