Saturday, February 29th, 2020

Storecheq launches corporate rewards to disrupt INR 12000 crore corporate gifting market

- Assures minimum saving of INR 1800 yearly savings for corporate - 


New Delhi,
Storecheq today announced the launch of Corporate Gifting- “Storecheq Rewards” as part of It is an effective yet easy to manage tool to drive employee rewards and recognition program. Storecheq is the digital currency for gifting and now, it is also the one stop solution for rewarding employees, customers and business partners for their contribution towards the growth of the organisation. Storecheq offers a convenient enterprise portal through which businesses can easily manage all the occasions using Storecheq rewards and keep track on the gifts being distributed. Announcing this, Vivek Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, Storecheq said, “Corporate gifting market in India is estimated to be 12,000 crore and is growing at over 200% per annum. We have realised that the companies used to spend 15% extra than their budgeted amount during mass gifting due to pilferage, distribution, loss during storage and cost of manpower. Storecheq with this innovation will save companies at least 10% of their gifting budgets. By introducing Storecheq Rewards we are just trying to make rewarding easier and appreciable. As we offer plethora of options which the employees can choose from, issues like employees not liking the gift given by management can also be sorted.” “Storecheq also offers a unique feature where the company can track the gifts being distributed by the company,” he further added. Storecheq Rewards is easy to send with a customised message and immediately gets delivered to the recipient. It can be redeemed across all major retail brands and online stores in India covering sectors such as fashion, electronics, travel, movies, etc. It is also ideal for any rewarding and gifting occasion and can be customised from several easy to use templates available. Storecheq Rewards motivate employees, attract peer attention and stand out from regular gifts. Storecheq provides an innovative system for rewarding and gifting that is trusted, universally acceptable, offers great choice and delivers delight. It aims to make gifting a seamless process. Storecheq has partnered with over 200+ leading retail and online brands across India and is working towards expanding this network. The company will be partnering with Fintech platforms, retailers and e-commerce players to offer the best gifting experience to its customers.



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