New Delhi,
Anil Kapoor was spotted wearing Stefano Ricci’s bow-tie at the Bollywood Gala Night & the Hello Wall of Fame Awards. Anil Kapoor, with his dashing looks and his everlasting youth, he definitely made heads turn at the most phenomenal recent events with the who & whose. Not only does his charm compliment his personality but his style has definitely been a trendsetter as a youth icon. The classic ‘Bow-Tie’ look is the most sought after look of the season which seems to be everybody’s favourite. Anil Kapoor was spotted looking absolutely perfect wearing Italian designer, Stefano Ricci’s bow-tie while he greeted the Royal family on their first visit to India and at the Hello Wall of Fame awards. This look is definitely a fashion statement and is here to stay, and nobody but Stefano Ricci can certainly make it look as classy, stylish and poise.


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