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Statistics plays a key role in planning, monitoring and evaluation of socio-economic policies - Dr. M.S. Gill

INVC,, Delhi,, Minister of Statistics and Programme Implementation Dr. M.S. Gill has said that Statistics plays a key role in planning, monitoring and evaluation of socio-economic policies. Speaking at a function to celebrate the Fifth Statistics Day here today he said, all major development programmes of the Government are based on dependable and timely data. In the absence of such statistics, all plans would be built on an infirm foundation of sand. He said, the statistical agencies in the country, therefore, have to inspire confidence, by maximizing the quality of data being produced by the statistical system, as well as making conscious efforts to present statistical data, with as much clarity as possible, to minimize the chances of misinterpretation. Referring to the theme of this year’s celebrations, Dr. Gill said, the theme ‘Gender Statistics’ is a priority issue in the development programmes in India. He said, while men and women are born equal, human society has created artificial differences in the social, cultural, occupational, and other roles of men and women. These gender differences are often discriminatory, and place women at a disadvantageous position, as compared to men. The Minister said, the Government of India, formulates plans, policies and programmes and implements certain innovative programmes to ensure that women are empowered both economically and socially, and thus become equal partners in national development. A large number of gender related characteristics are statistically measured, with gender disaggregated data, to administer and analyze these differences. Availability of gender statistics, therefore, is critical to facilitate proper planning and monitoring of such programmes. He said, his Ministry is committed, to carrying forward this work more vigorously in the future. Dr. Gill said, strengthing the cadre of the 4000 statistical personnel of the Government of India and bettering their service conditions is a priority objective for him. He said, he is seeking all co-operation of the Personnel and Finance Ministries for the better service conditions of the statistical personnel. Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia paid glowing tribute to Prof. P.C. Mahalanobis. He said, in recognition of the notable contributions made by (Late) Professor Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis in the fields of economic planning and statistical development, the Government of India has designated 29th June every year, coinciding with his birth anniversary, as the Statistics Day in the category of Special Day to be celebrated at the national level. The Fifth Statistics Day is being celebrated all over India on 29th June 2011 by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, State Governments, Offices of National Sample Survey Organizations spread throughout the country, University Departments, etc by organizing Seminars, Conferences, Debates, Quiz Programmes, Lecture Series, Essay Competitions, etc. National Award in Statistics, constituted in the Honour of Prof. C. R. Rao was also conferred on the occasion. It was given to Dr. Rajender Parsad, Head, Division of Design of Experiments at Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi. The dignitaries also released some important publications on the occasion. The highlight of Statistics Day 2011 was taking up the theme “Gender Statistics” and making concerted efforts throughout the year to bring improvements in the quality of data in this particular field, for objective planning and policy making.



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