State Ministers’ meet to review Women & Child Development Programmes


INVC Bureau

New Delhi. The Ministry of Women & Child Development has convened the meeting of State Ministers’ in charge of Women & Child Development to review programmes and policies related with welfare and development of women and children. The meeting to be held in New Delhi on October 28, 2009 will discuss in detail the proposed National Mission on Empowerment of Women. Integrated child protection scheme and proposed schemes for empowerment of adolescent girls and conditional maternity benefits.

The Ministry has proposed to launch a National Mission on Empowerment of Women so that activities and policies related with women development conversed effectively to reach women beneficiary. It is also envisaged that State Missions, District Missions and village Empowerment Groups would be set up under the proposed Mission. In the meeting views from the State Governments will be sought on the proposed Mission.

The Women & Child Development Ministry has also formulated a scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls – SABLA. It will be implemented through Anganwadis centers. Objective of the scheme is to empower girls along with improvement in the nutritional and health status and upgrading their skills. It would be a centrally sponsored scheme implemented through the State Governments with 100 per cent financial assistance from the Centre for all inputs other than nutrition provision for which the Central assistance to States will be provided to the extent of 50 percent of the actual expenditure. The implementation of the scheme will be discussed in detail with the States during the meeting.

The Centre has also allocated Rs.4500 crore for the Conditional Maternity Benefit Scheme for the remaining part of Eleventh Five Year Plan to improve the health and nutrition status of pregnant, lactating women and infants. Initially Scheme will be launched in 62 districts, which will be identified in consultation with the State Governments during the meeting.

The Ministry of Women & Child Development has launched a new centrally sponsored scheme – ‘Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS)’ with the objective to provide safe and secure environment to the children who are in need of care and protection as well as children in conflict with law. The scheme is to be implemented during the remaining period of the 11th Plan period through the State Governments. The Scheme requires setting up of Juvenile Justice Boards and Child Welfare Committees, State and District Level Child Protection Societies, Monitoring Committees and system for tracking and tracing of missing children in each districts. Signing of MoU with the State Governments for the implementation scheme will be taken up during the meeting.

The day-long meeting will be chaired by Smt.Krishna Tirath, Minister of Women & Child Development. Besides Ministers’ from State Government, senior officials of various Central Ministries, Child Rights Commission, National Women Commissions and other concerned organizations/bodies will participate in the discussions.


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