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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

State is considering opening special schools

Haryana Education Minister, Sh. Kanwar Pal has said that separate special schools will be opened for specially-abled children in Haryana. Besides studies these schools will also provide suitable employment opportunities to these children. Education Minister, Sh. Kanwar Pal is in Kerala these days.

         During his visit to Kerala, the Education Minister came to know about the special efforts being made for the specially abled children in the special educational institutions being run for the these children there.

  He said that Haryana also has a large number of specially-abled children and many such children are unable to complete their studies due to various reasons. Thus, as they are unable to complete studies their life is full of difficulties.

         Education Minister, Sh. Kanwar Pal said that the Haryana government is considering opening special schools for specially-abled children in the state.  For this, the help of NGOs will also be taken by the Haryana government.

         He said that efforts will also be made to make them efficient in various tasks along with studies, which will also provide employment opportunities to them and will give them an opportunity to become self-reliant in life.



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