Temporary procurement centers set up for staggered arrival of the wheat in district mandis, proving beneficial to avoid contagion of CORONAVIRUS in Mandis.

        Divulging the details,  District Mandi Officer, Ajay Pal Singh Brar said that initially, we had 110 purchase centers but in wake of COVID precautions, we identified 314 more locations to use them as temporary Mandis. Out of these, wheat arrived in 107 permanent mandis and 291 temporary procurement centers, he added.  The temporary mandis not only reduced the congestion in the main mandis but also enabled the farmers to bring their produce at the nearest procurement center.

      Giving information about the temporary procurement centers set up in the district, District Mandi Officer Ajay Pal Singh further said that this time the temporary mandis were set up by the Punjab government even before the commencement of procurement, the main purpose of which was to protect the farmers and mandi staff and other stakeholders from the contagion of CORONA Virus, by reducing the Chaos.  He said that due to the 314 temporary mandis operating in the district, there was no problem from the mandis regarding the spread of COVID during the wheat procurement season.

      He said that it was due to these temporary procurement centers that crop damage was avoided even during inclement weather this time as the arrival in permanent mandis was less and out of the temporary mandis about 240 mandis have been set up in rice mills/ shellers. He said that the wheat procured at the temporary procurement centers was being purchased from there and lifted.    The District Mandi Officer said that so far more than 85 percent of the expected arrival of wheat has reached the mandis and the target is likely to be met within the next week.


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