Monday, May 25th, 2020

Stainless steel makers and capital goods industry seek further three month


New Delhi , Process Plant and Machinery Association of India (PPMAI) , which represents the country’s capital goods industry and several stainless steel producers  have urged the government to further extend implementation date for amended BIS Standard No 2 IS 6911:2017 for stainless steel sheets, plates and strips. The Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) last date for implementing the amendment for industry was October  27, 2018. “ The producers and end users are seeking extension for implementation of the amended  BIS standards at least by Three months because it may take more time to implement than the deadline of October 27  given by BIS. The recent amendment being called No2 IS 6911:2017 was made in July 2018. The guidelines for implementing this amendment were published by BIS in mid-August and shared with producers, foreign supplier’s in September only.” Said Mr Yatinder Pal Singh Suri,,President, Process Plant and Machinery Association of India (PPMAI) and Country head , Outokumpu India. “ As the time given for stainless steel companies to get certified as per new BIS amendment was October 27 but producing new grades of stainless steel as per new standard and getting them included in license takes time>As per previous experience it takes Three to Four month to get new amendment incorporated into production system in mills. The foreign mills have to send samples to BIS lab or its approved lab in India for testing and then approach BIS office for inclusion “ said Mr Suri. “In all previous amendments the industry has been given Six to eight months by BIS in the past, more over BIS is amending the standards too frequently and pushing industry to go through so much of paper work and follow up with BIS. The capital goods manufacturers mostly end users of these products are mostly project based companies, their supply of raw material stainless steel ends up in disruption of supplies as well as the projects “ said Mr Suri “Stainless steel associations like Indian Stainless Steel Development Association ( ISSDA) ,  Process Plant & Machinery Association have also written to  BIS  and met concerned officials personally for extending the date by at least Three months. But the BIS is adamant to demand of industry. BIS needs to take into account the BIS ways of working in the past and accordingly issue timelines to ensure that downstream industry does not close down.” Said Mr Suri. “While the government is hell bent on EASE OF DOING BUSINESS, YOUR UNILATERAL DECISION is creating UNEASE OF DOING BUSINESS IN INDIA.” He added



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