Special session was organized on Child Abuse for the Parents



New Delhi,

A special session was organized on “Child Abuse – Let’s Create a Safe World for Our Children” by Gurugram’s famous Parenting Expert and Coach Kavita Yadav at Mini Marvel Pre School located at DLF Phase 1 Gurugram. Parents of Mini Marvel preschool along with their children were present. The motto of this session was to make the parents and teachers aware of the distinction between safe touch and unsafe touch and how to equip your child against child abuse. This program was organized in partnership with “Conversations” – A Knowledge Platform providing access to credible and certified practitioners and trainers, whose founder Mohit Verma addressed the audience on the importance of having healthy and meaningful conversations among family members and most importantly between parent and child to have long lasting relationships.

During the session, Kavita Yadav emphasized that, “Just reading the news of child abuse every day and regretting will not change anything. The responsibility of protecting children should be understood by each and every parent.” Further she explained that child abuse is not only sexual but also physical and mental, and its effects on children are very deep and long lasting. Like a responsible parent, we should talk to our children about this and that too age appropriately.” The session was totally interactive and experiential, without the use of power point presentation or any other technological assistance. Lots of role-plays were done and myths around child abuse were busted.

Child abuse is not a new problem for our society rather it is a global challenge. Sexual abuse is a crime which is ignored mostly because people avoid talking about it. Such incidents can be reduced to a great extent by collective efforts of subject experts, educational institutes and parents. Now the time has come for parents to discuss this issue with their children to not only make them aware of such issues but also prepare them how to safeguard themselves. Educational institutions should also organize awareness camps on regular basis to help curb this monster and create a safe world for our children.


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