Songs and Education in 107.4-Sanjay Kapoor


INVC Bureau

Noida. First Radio channel – 107.4 of noida launched in Marwah Studio, Noida Film City. You can find new and old songs and many other educational informations, said Sandeep Marwah and invited Bollywood Star Sanjay Kapoor, Rahul Roy and Nisha Kothari on the stage for launching. Sanjay Kapoor said Radio is a good and strong medium to communicate and we are also available more on this channel. On the occassion Music Director Sajid Wajid honored with Brand Ambassador of 107.4 Radio Channel. Akshay, Chairman of 107.4 said we are trying to interact people and their problems, and to explore new talents with this radio. The Radio launched in the closing ceremony of Global Festival of Documentary Films organized by International Film and Television Club at Marwah Studios. This festival of three days fulfilled its promise to bring the best of reality cinema at one place from across the world. The buzz filled three days indicates that the festival was a huge success and was well received by everyone including media. At the launch programme Mr. Sandeep Marwah, Director of AAFT was present with the various popular renowned personalities of film fraternity such as Pankaj Parashar, Gaurav Dixit,  Rajjat Badjatya, Karl Bardosh from Hollywood and many more. Mr. Marwah expressed his happiness over the launch of first radio channel of Noida and success of Film Festival by saying that even though only two years old, the festival is poised to be one of the most significant festivals in South Asia. The festival has not only showcased some of the most outstanding, critically acclaimed and awarded films but has also given an wonderful opportunity to media, general audience, critics and film students to network with the masters.


  1. Wow, I found your blog on google searching for something totally unrelated- now I’m going to have to read through the old posts. So long free time this morning, but this was a truly great find 😀


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