New Delhi,

Inspired by divinity and nature a three-day solo art exhibition — ‘A World Within A World’ — was organized at the Furncraft De’Collage in New Delhi. Anushree Gupta, who has experience of 8 years in the field of professional art, showcased some of her best works. The exhibition was inaugurated by renowned Artist Jagganath Panda.

The artist showcased a new range of around 15 artworks, 1 installation and 3 sculptures. The theme of the paintings was related to flora and fauna. “I believe that in the times when we all are busy with daily routines we need artworks that can bring calmness back into the lives. And with my paintings and artworks I try to bring that feeling. For me nature and divinity are the two aspects that bring peace to the minds and hence my paintings/artworks based on these aspects,” says artist Anushree Gupta.

Special mention is required to describe the contemporary paintings which were exhibited. The solo exhibition saw healthy participation of art enthusiasts and many paintings were sold. The art lovers who acquired the art pieces showed special inclination towards the paintings which were reflecting vibrant colors and unique concepts.

The solo exhibition witnessed guests such as Sunil Sethi, President of the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), Ms Tanira Sethi, Entrepreneur and socialite Ramola Bachchan, Anoop Gupta, Akshay Gupta, Mr & Mrs Nitin Kohli, Mr Ayush Gupta, Mr Sandeep Jain , Ms Prerna Gupta, Ms Avantika Gupta-jewellery designer NiAv, Ms Bintia Gupta, Ms Sanchi Gupta.


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