Solar Car in India: First solar powered electric car launched, will cost just a few paise per KM, get full details


Solar Car in India: First solar powered electric car launched, will cost just a few paise per KM, get full details

More than one new vehicle is on display at the 16th edition of the Auto Expo held in Greater Noida. Pune based electric vehicle startup Vayve Mobility has introduced the prototype of its new solar powered electric car Vayve EVA at the motor-show this time. The start-up claims that it is the country’s first solar powered electric car. This is a prototype model, this car has been designed keeping in mind the daily commute in the urban area, which can prove to be the perfect option for your daily short trips.

How is solar powered car

The Vayve EVA gets a single seat at the front for the driver and the rear seat has been made slightly wider to accommodate an adult and a child. Next to the driving seat, a folding tray has been provided on the inner side of the door, on which you can keep laptop etc. The driving seat is 6-way adjustable, apart from this the car has a panoramic sunroof.

Vayve EVA Key Size

Talking about the size of the car, its length is 3060mm, width 1150mm, height 1590mm and ground clearance of 170mm has been given. The car has independent coil spring suspension at the front and dual shock suspension at the rear. It gets disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear wheels. The turning radius of this car equipped with electric power steering is 3.9 meters. The rear wheel drive car has a top speed of 70 kmph.

Car interior

Despite being a small car, every effort has been made to provide better space on the interiors. It has Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity system with air condition (AC). Its panoramic sunroof makes the interior of the car look more spacious. When you sit inside the car, you do not feel its smallness.

Specifications of Vayve EVA

It is a plug-in electric car and has a 14Kwh (Li-iOn) battery pack. A liquid-cooled electric motor has been used in it, which generates power of 12kW and torque of 40Nm. Equipped with a single speed automatic gearbox, this car uses a regenerative braking system, which slightly increases the power of the battery.

Driving range and cost

The car gives a driving range of up to 250 kilometers in a single charge. The solar panel given in it can be used in place of the sunroof of the car. “This car does not run entirely on solar energy, but the solar panel provided in it acts as an option, which provides the car with an additional driving range of up to 10 kilometers.” After fully charging the battery of this car, its running cost is only 80 paise per kilometer. Apart from this, this car is capable of catching a speed of 0 to 40 kilometers per hour in just 5 seconds.

Charging and Pay-load

The car is designed for short rides within the city. The total weight of this car is 800 kg and it is capable of lifting a maximum weight of 250 kg. Can easily charge the car battery with a normal household (15A) socket. Its battery takes about 4 hours to fully charge from a domestic socket, while it will take just 45 minutes to fully charge its battery with a DC fast charger (CCS2).

When will it be launched and what will be the price

Regarding the launch timeline of Vayve EVA, the company’s co-founder Nilesh Bajaj told that, it will take about 1 year to officially launch this car for sale. At the same time, he has not shared any information about the price. It is expected that the brand will offer it at an affordable price. PLC/GT




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