deadly snake farming
deadly snake farming

Snake Farming Why dangerous snakes like cobra, python, viper, rattle are cultivated

Have you ever thought that the way we cultivate different types of crops, in the same way there exists a village in our world where dangerous snakes like cobra to python are cultivated. Now you must be thinking that where is such a village? Everyone’s condition worsens on hearing the name of snake. Snake is one of the most dangerous animals on the earth, whose bite can even lead to the death of a human being.

This is the reason why people are advised to stay away from snakes. If seen, it is absolutely right, staying close to snakes only harms us. We hardly get any benefit from snakes. But you would be surprised to know that there is a place in the world where snakes are cultivated. Yes, it may be strange to hear, but it is true that in Jisiqiao, a village in Zhejiang province of China, people keep snakes in their homes. Not only this, because of these snakes, these people run their house. Generally people do many types of work to make a living, but this method is very unique, as well as dangerous.

Where is this village located

You must have been surprised to hear that what is such a village, then for your information let us tell you that this village is located in China. The name of this village in China’s Zhejiang province is Jisiqiao where everything from poisonous snakes like cobras, pythons, vipers, rattles to non-venomous snakes are cultivated. These snakes are sold in many countries of the world including America, Russia, South Korea, Germany.

Snake farming makes good business

The business of snakes can be gauged from the fact that considering the population here, there are more than 100 snake farms here. From curing skin diseases to cancer medicines, people use snakes. The tradition of snake farming in China is very old.

These things are used

According to the information received on the Internet, in 1980 snakes were cultivated for the first time in this village. That is, the people of this village keep snakes instead of crops in the fields for many years. Venomous snakes are also used in Chinese medicine. Let us tell you that the name of this village in China is Jisiqiao. Due to the cultivation of about 30 lakh snakes every year, the people living in the village make these snakes their main source of income. PLC/GT


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