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In the realm of Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture and placement, directions hold immense significance. It is believed that living in the right direction not only impacts our health but also influences our financial well-being and the level of respect we receive in life. Today, we will explore the profound connection between sleep and directions, as prescribed by Vastu Shastra, and discover how it can lead to a healthy and harmonious life.

The ancient scriptures have provided us with valuable insights into the rules of sleeping, which, when followed diligently, can contribute to overall well-being, peace, and happiness within our families. Manusmriti, an important text in Hinduism, advises against sleeping alone in an empty house, especially in a completely dark room. Furthermore, it cautions against sleeping in temples and crematoriums.

Waking up early in the morning is considered essential for good health. While it is commendable to wash one’s feet before bedtime, sleeping with wet feet is considered inauspicious according to the scriptures. It is believed that having dry feet invites prosperity and abundance into our homes.

In line with Vastu Shastra principles, it is important to avoid sleeping on a broken bed or cot. Additionally, it is advisable not to go to bed immediately after a meal. Sleeping with a false or deceitful mouth is considered unfavorable. However, the direction in which we sleep plays a significant role as well. Let us explore the impact of different sleeping directions on our well-being:

East: Sleeping with our head towards the east is believed to enhance knowledge and wisdom. It is associated with the positive flow of energy and promotes a sense of tranquility during sleep.

West: On the other hand, sleeping with our head towards the west is believed to bring about anxiety and restlessness. It is considered an unfavorable direction for sleep.

North: Sleeping with our head towards the north is said to bring loss and even potential harm. The scriptures caution against adopting this direction for sleep.

South: Sleeping with our head towards the south is believed to bring wealth and longevity. It is considered an auspicious direction and promotes a sense of security and abundance.

Many individuals have a habit of taking daytime naps, which may need to be reconsidered. According to Vastu Shastra, sleeping during the day and at the time of sunrise and sunset can lead to ill health and financial difficulties. It is advisable to break this habit promptly for overall well-being.

Apart from the direction, the posture in which we sleep also plays a crucial role. Sleeping on the left side is considered beneficial for our health. On the contrary, sleeping with our feet pointing towards the south is discouraged, as it is believed to be the abode of Yama, the lord of death, and malevolent forces. From a scientific perspective, sleeping in this direction may impede blood circulation to the brain.

Moreover, it is important to avoid sleeping with our hand on the heart or keeping our feet crossed while sleeping. If we have applied Tilak, a religious mark, on our forehead, it is recommended to remove it before sleep, as sleeping with Tilak is considered unfavorable.

To summarize, by aligning our sleep direction with the principles of Vastu Shastra, we can potentially experience improved health, prosperity, and harmony within our lives. The guidelines provided by this ancient science shed light on the intricate relationship between our sleeping habits and overall well-being.


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