Situation uncontrollable due to Corona in China, more than 10 lakh cases found in a single day in a single province

The situation of corona infection in China is appalling. More than one million cases have been found in one day in Zhejiang province. Zhejiang Province is China’s major production center ‘Manufacturing Hub’. It is located near Shanghai. Its population is about 6.5 crores.

Its main city, Hangzhou, is home to China’s largest e-commerce company, Alibaba Group, as well as many other technology companies. Apart from Apple, Japanese automaker Nidec and many other foreign manufacturers also have units here. Due to the havoc of Corona, the functioning of these units may be affected and there is a danger of affecting the global production and supply.

The report of Nikkei Asia has given information about the serious condition of Corona in Zhejiang. Quoting a report released on Wednesday by UK-based research group Airfinity, Nikkei Asia said daily cases in China are high. This is confirmed by the havoc of Corona in Zhejiang.

Although China’s central government has stopped providing official figures, provincial governments continue to release the figures. This shows how much the situation has deteriorated in the country. Daily infections could peak on the first day of the new year, according to Nikkei Asia. This figure can go up to 20 lakh cases. PLC/GT


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