Sita navami 2024: date, rituals, significance , invoke blessings and joy

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Ayodhya  : The sita Navami will be celebrated on 16th May 2024. On this day, women should fast for the long life of their husbands. Worshiping Mother Sita and Lord Ram on this day gives great results. It is believed that by reciting Ramayana continuously on this day, women get children and marital life also becomes sweet.

According to the Puranas, Mother Sita and King Janak of Mithila had no children. After which he was asked to plow to prepare the Yagya land. Despite being a king, he plowed the land with the desire to have a child and where Mother Sita appeared. Who is also called Janaki.

Mother Sita appeared from the earth on the ninth date of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month. Therefore his appearance day is celebrated on this day. It is also called Janaki Jayanti.

Sita Navami is celebrated with enthusiasm in many places in India. Whereas in some areas, Mother Sita is worshiped with great pomp. On this day, sixteen ornaments are donated for Goddess Bhagwati and Sita.

Women observe fast on the day of Sita Navami, which is considered very special. This fast is considered special for women. This fast ensures long life of her husband.

By observing this fast there is happiness and prosperity in the entire family. Worship of girls on the day of Sita Navami has special significance. Because by doing this the sorrows of life go away and one gets the blessings of Sitaram.


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