These are the famous Sita Mata temples of India

Mother Sita’s birth anniversary is celebrated on Krishna Ashtami of Phalgun month. Wherever there is a temple of Shri Ram in the country or around the world, Mata Sita is also seated there, but there are some special temples of Mata Sita which are associated with her life or which are more popular.

Mother Sita is also called the daughter of Bhumidevi and also Janaknandani.
It is noteworthy that in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and South India, Janaki Jayanti is celebrated in the month of Magha according to Amanta Chandra calendar.

1. Janaki Temple, Nepal: Janak was the king of Mithila during the Ramayana period. The name of his capital is Janakpur. Janakpur is a famous religious place of Nepal. Janaki Mata Temple was built here by Queen Vrishabhanu Kumari of Tikamgarh, India. Queen Vrishabhanu Kumari used to live here with the wish of having a son. During his stay here, a saint had found an idol of Mother Sita, which was made of gold. The queen got the Janaki temple constructed in 1895 AD. He had installed the idol here. The Janaki temple was completed in the year 1911.

It is said about this temple spread over 4860 square feet that at that time a total of nine lakh rupees were spent on its construction, hence this temple is also called Naulakha temple. In this temple, since the year 1967, continuous chanting of Sita-Ram’s name and unbroken kirtan is going on here. This temple is also called Janakpurdham. There are a total of 115 lakes around the huge temple complex. Apart from this, there are many kunds, in which Gangasagar, Parshuram Kund and Dhanush-Sagar are more famous.

2. Sita Temple in Ayodhya: There is also an ancient temple of Mata Sita in Sitamadi of Ayodhya, which is now being given a grand appearance, where Mata Sita Maiya will be seen in her nine forms.

3. Sita Temple in Varanasi: The two-storied temple here is surrounded by water during the rainy season. It is said that Goddess Sita got absorbed in the earth from here. This temple is situated near Jagannath Assighat. The Rath Yatra is organized in the month of Ashadh in this temple built in the 17th century.

4. Sita Temple, Ashoknagar: In Karila village of Mungawali tehsil of Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh, there is the only temple of Mata Sita where only her idol sits. According to belief, Luv and Kush were born here.

5. Place of Sita’s abduction Sarvatheertha, Nashik: It was only after killing Shurpanakha, Marich and Khar and Dushan in Nashik region that Ravana abducted Sita and also killed Jatayu, whose memory is called ‘Sarvatheertha’ in Taked village, 56 km from Nashik. The place is still preserved today. This place comes in Panchavati area. There are many temples of Sita Mata here.

6. Punaura Temple, Sitamarhi: According to belief, a place named Punaura in Sitamarhi district of Bihar is considered to be the birthplace of Mother Sita. King Janak had found Mother Sita in a field here.

7. Sita Rasoi, Ayodhya: This temple located in Ayodhya is located close to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi. Mother Sita had prepared food for everyone here for the first time as Shugan.

8. Ashoka Vatika, Sri Lanka: The place where Ravana had kept Mother Sita captive is Ashoka Vatika. Ashoka trees are found in abundance here. This place is in Sri Lanka.

9. Sitavani, Jim Corbett Park Nainital: According to belief, Mata Sita spent some years of her exile here at a place called Sitavani located in Jim Corbett Park, Nainital. It was here that Luv and Kush were born. It is also said that here Mother Sita got absorbed in the earth.

10. Kanak Bhawan, Ayodhya: Mother Sita stayed here after her marriage to Shri Ram. Now this building is a temple. PLC/GT


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