The month of Shravan is starting from 16th July. We have been continuously giving you the same information through our website. In this episode, now we are going to tell you about the miraculous abode of Shiva, which is said to be about eight and a half hundred years old. It is believed that just by having darshan here, all the troubles of the devotees are removed.

Let us tell you that this temple famous by the name of Shri Rajeshwar Mahadev is very miraculous. According to the beliefs, a moneylender of Rajkheda brought this miraculous Shivling from the Narmada river. This wonderful abode of Shiva is located in Shamsabad Road Rajpur Chungi.

It is said about this temple that the moneylender wanted to establish Shivling in Rajkheda, but when he stayed at Rajpur Chungi to rest for the night, he got the idea of ​​establishing Shivling in his dream at this place. But as soon as he opened his eyes, he did not pay attention to this and started walking from here for his destination. And as soon as the moneylender started taking the Shivling in the bullock cart, suddenly the bulls stopped there and the Shivling fell from the bullock cart and was installed on the ground. The moneylender tried a lot to lift the Shivling, but he failed in it.

According to the priests of the temple, many people tried to remove the Shivling from that place. But all proved unsuccessful in this. After seeing this glory of Shiva, the king got the temple built at this place itself.

The surprising thing about this Shivling is that the Shivling established in the Rajeshwar Mahadev temple changes color three times a day. The color of Shivling is white during the morning aarti. By seeing this form of Shiva, one gets mental peace. So at the time of midday aarti, the color of Shivling changes to light blue. It is said that on seeing Bholenath at this time, Shiva is seen in the form of Neelkanth. His darshan removes sufferings. And in the evening the color of this Shivling turns pink during the evening aarti. Which sounds so adorable.

The vision of this form of his brings happiness in the life of the person. A grand fair is organized in this temple from the first Monday of Sawan. In which about 200 to 300 Kanwariyas reach for Jalabhishek. In Sawan, the doors of the temple are opened for the devotees only at 4 o’clock which remains open till 10.30 pm. It is believed that those who offer prayers in this Shiva Dham never leave empty handed. His bag is always full of happiness. PLC/GT


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