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Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Shemaroo Entertainment releases Queen on Home Video

Queen DVD OuterINVC, Mumbai, True to her name, Queen ruled the box office this year and its out now on DVDs, VCD & Blurays to make way to your home!! Queen not only won rave reviews from all the critics but also became the first super-hit film of 2014 at  the Boxoffice across the country. Kangana Ranaut playing character of Rani in the film today rules the heart of millions of people through her versatile performance. Queen is the story of Rani Mehra, a young girl from Delhi who is brought up in a loving, protective Indian family, where her peers decide what her life is going to be like. Rani is put into a situation where she finally makes the most unlikely decision of her life; she decides to go on her honeymoon alone! What follows is a girl’s journey of getting over her past and eventually getting over herself. The Blu Ray, DVD and VCD of Queen is economically priced at Rs 799/-, Rs 299/- and Rs 115/- respectively Queen is a must for every individual to watch it atleast once. Grab the copy of the movie today and enjoy it with your family!!



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