Shedding Light on Vastu Defects: The Role of Lamp Flickering


Mumbai  : Sanatani people who have true faith in God, light a lamp in front of God in the temple of their house in the morning and evening. But many times while lighting the lamp, the lamp gets extinguished again and again. This should not be ignored. Actually, according to astrology, if there is Vaastu defect in the house then the lamp gets extinguished again and again. This points towards some inauspicious sign. Therefore, it is important that the construction of the temple is in the right direction. May God’s establishment be in the right direction. Keeping the lamp in the right direction during puja provides relief from Vaastu defects.

Repeated extinguishing of the lamp is considered inauspicious. Repeated extinguishing of the lamp gives an inauspicious sign of some event. This happens due to Vaastu defect. If the lamp is burning well then it means that there are auspicious signs in the entire house and in the life of the person who installed the lamp.

Therefore, whenever a new house is built, one should definitely see the ancient historical forts and palaces of such kings and emperors, which are still in existence. There is an auspicious sign on the main gate of this fort built as per Vaastu. Like – Jodhpur Gharana, Jaipur Gharana, Scindia Gharana. This house is an example of the fact that their palaces and forts were built according to Vaastu. Otherwise, those kings whose forts were not built as per Vaastu are extinct today.

Whenever you get a house built, definitely visit the fort built as per Vaastu. Understand the Vaastu there. Get your house built only after this. With this, any untoward incident occurring due to Vaastu defect can be avoided in future. Therefore, whenever a house is built, the temple should always be in the north-east corner. The kitchen should be in the southeast corner. The face of God should be towards east. A lamp should be lit in this direction. This generates all kinds of auspicious waves and the Vaastu defects of the house are eliminated.


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