President Joe Biden’s administration will provide Ukraine with $725 million in additional weapons and other military aid. The announcement was made after meetings of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Defense leaders in Europe and around the world have pledged at NATO meetings to provide Ukraine with weapons and air defense systems as Russia’s bombardment increases in Kyiv and other areas. Officials said the US military package does not include any major new weapons. Instead, US aid is intended to aid in the restocking of thousands of ammunition for weapons systems that Ukraine has successfully used against Russia.

The new package includes providing ammunition for ‘High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems’ (HIMARS). It is a vital weapon that has improved Ukraine’s ability to strike depots, bridges and other critical targets.

Several European countries this week announced military aid to Ukraine. These announcements reflect the fear of European countries that they could be the next target of Russia. A senior defense official told reporters at the Pentagon that Ukraine urgently needed additional air defense systems.

He pointed out for example that Russia recently fired more than 80 missiles at Ukrainian targets in a 24-hour period, but Ukraine’s air defense systems were able to detect only half of these missiles. Russia has intensified its attacks in Kyiv through kamikaze drones and missiles.

It has targeted civilian areas, including a hospital, a kindergarten and various residential buildings in the city of Nikopol. PLC/GT


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