The Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Technology has not been established in India. To expedite the UCG development in India, Ministry of Coal (MoC) has issued Gazette Notification No.868 dt.12th July 2007 wherein the production of syngas obtained through coal gasification (Underground and Surface) and coal liquefaction to be end uses for the purposes of Coal Mines Nationalization Act.
CMPDIL in consultation with GSI, SCCL, DGMS & NLC identified five lignite blocks and two coal blocks for UCG purposes. This information was given by the Minister of State for Coal, Shri Pratik Prakash Bapu Patil.
Shri Patil said that in addition to this, CIL has also identified two coal blocks for taking up UCG in their command area. Recently Ministry of Coal has identified Vastan lignite block for development of UCG in Gujarat. However, no contract has been awarded.


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