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Friday, October 23rd, 2020

Service Of The Safai Sewaks Is Being Rewarded With Floral Greetings By The Public At Various Places Across The State

Living up to its desirous role in this kind of emergent situation emerged due to the spread of coronavirus,  all the wings of the Local Bodies Department has been doing exceptional service at the ground zero in all the cities of the state in order to provided much needed relief to the public with a humanitarian touch.

Disclosing this an official spokesperson of the Local Bodies Department said that the onslaught of COVID-19 has virtually brought the whole globe at a standstill as the public is forced to confine to the fore walls of their houses due the restriction imposed by the imposition of curfew/lockdown in most parts of the world. The spokesperson said that in this most pressing time the department of local bodies has been doing its duties round the clock with a human touch in close coordination with the district administration.

He said that the main focus at this crucial juncture is to ensure the intensive sanitation of the cities. He said that in this direction the ground workers of the department have been doing spray in and across the cities to make them disinfectant. He said that in most of the cities two and three rounds of the disinfection drive has been completed.


The spokesperson said that the other focus area of the department is to ensure that solid waste management work in the cities is done unabated so that there might not be any heaps of garbage in the cities which may become a reason for the outbreak of any other disease. He said that door to door collection of the solid waste and garbage lifting is being done regularly.  He said that the safai sewaks of the department have been doing work missionary zeal and devotion. He said that what reward can be more befitting for the courage and dedication of the safai sewaks that in most the cities people gave them floral welcome and applauded their selfless service in this critical time.

The spokesperson said that apart from the mandated duties the officers and official of all rank and files has been sparing extra hours to supply the essential items to the citizens which included dry ration, masks and supply of drugs to the elderly citizen. He said that officers of the Local Bodies Department have been working in close coordination with the district administration to ensure the distribution of dry ration and food to the needy



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