Security of Hindu temples will increase in Britain, Sunak will give 50 crores

Rishi Sunak ,PM Narendra Modi
Rishi Sunak ,PM Narendra Modi

London :  A few months before the elections in Britain, Indian Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has taken a big decision for the security of Hindu temples. Sunak government has decided to allocate a budget of Rs 50 crore for the security of temples following the demand of Hindus living in Britain.+

Sources associated with the British government say that the Home Ministry is working on making a new policy for the security of Hindu religious places and churches. After the formation of this new policy, temples in Britain will also get funding for security like mosques. It is noteworthy that PM Sunak keeps visiting many temples.

There are more than 400 Hindu temples in Britain. With the funds allocated by the government, CCTV cameras will be installed in Hindu temples, which will enable 24-hour security monitoring. The money will be spent on training the police on how to deal with cases of attacks on Hindu temples. In 2022, several temples were targeted in Lancaster, Britain. Two years ago the British government had announced a religious place security funding scheme of Rs 300 crore.

Most of this went to Islamic institutions. At the same time, only Rs 35 crore was given to non-Muslims. Out of this, Gurudwara got Rs 7 crore while Hindu temples got Rs 2.5 crore. Due to which there was resentment among the Hindu community in Britain. Many Hindus say that discrimination in funding the security of religious places is not right.


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