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The majority of people that play in an online casino choose slots as their game of preference. The average online casino makes more than 70% of its profits from slots. If you’re a regular player and want to win more often, these tips should help accomplish that. 

Players need to remember that a slot machine is nothing more than a computer programmed to take in more money than it will pay out in the long run. Anything is bound to happen in the short term, but players are guaranteed to come out on the losing end in the long run. There are a few tips that can make the difference in whether players win or lose playing casino slots.


Always Take Free Play Bonuses


In any game played in a casino, the key to winning is to cut the house’s edge as much as possible. Casinos like slots players, as they give the casino more profit than any other game. Because of that, they sometimes will offer rebates back to players in the form of free play. 


Online casinos always give players welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions with free spins or casino credits. Whether playing online or in a live casino, it’s important to take advantage of those offers to lower the house advantage as the casino wants to keep you playing as long as possible. 


Always Have a Budget


One big mistake that casino players make is not setting a budget before jumping into action. Players want to be realistic with their budget, depending on the amount they have to start. Playing casino games is a form of entertainment and always needs to be thought of in that way. 


Like any other form of entertainment, players need to set a budget of how much they’re going to spend on the activity and avoid going over that number. Also, always base your bets on the size of that budget.


Don’t Always Bet the Maximum Credits


There are certain times players should bet the maximum coins when playing slots, and other times they should not. For example, if you’re playing on a penny slot machine in a casino with a big progressive jackpot, then the maximum credits should always be played. 


By not playing the max credits, you’re just building up the progressive jackpot for other players and not giving yourself a chance to win it. This is because the jackpot is paid when the maximum credits are chosen.


Remember that when playing games with bonus rounds, always make sure to play the number of credits needed to make you eligible for the bonus round, which is not always the maximum coins. 


Bonus rounds are important because, during the rounds, the player isn’t betting any money. It’s also the only way to get the highest payback percentage from the machine. 


Also, on these types of machines, there are two payback percentages. There is a payback percentage on the base game and another on the bonus round. So, for example, the base game may have a 90% payback percentage, but when in the bonus round, the percentage goes up to 98%. 


Always Pace Yourself


The faster you play, the more money you’re putting into the machine when playing any slot machine, and the more you will lose in the long run. For example, if playing a slot machine with a 90% payback, theoretically, the player will lose $10 on every $100 wagered. 


Of course, seeing more spins may seem like the best way to increase your chances of winning but in reality, it just means that your bankroll won’t last as long. For example, if playing twice as many spins in one hour as you usually do, the result will be twice as much money lost in the same amount of time. 


Playing slots is a great way to keep entertained in any casino, and it’s always recommended that every player have fun. Hopefully, using these tips will help in maintaining a budget to keep players in the game for a more extended amount of time and eventually come out as a winner.


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