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Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

Second wave of corona coming in winter is dangerous for heart patients in India

Doctors appealed follow the rules to avoid corona in Diwali Festival

Mumbai ,

The Corona crisis is not over; many countries have been infected with the coronavirus, and are still fighting with the corona virus  but  now fear a second wave of infection all over the world.  Corona is coming under control in Maharashtra, but it will not go unnoticed.  Medical experts have claimed that the number of corona patients will increase again after Diwali and winter cold intensify.  If there is a second wave, it will be more dangerous for heart patient in India because in a major study, researchers from across the globe  have found that Covid -19 patients  with cardiovascular comorbidities or risk factors are more likely to develop heart complications while hospitalised and more likely to die from coronavirus. Giving more information about this, Director of Shushrusha Heart Care and Multispeciality Hospital in Nerul and Cardiologist Dr. Sanjay Tarlekar said, “Winter is considered to be the season of cold and fever. Even after the corona infection, there is fever and chills, so there will be a bit of confusion among the citizens. Therefore, citizens need to take special care in winter.  The World Health Organization (WHO) is predicting a second wave of corona and heart disease in winter.  As I like to appeal to citizens in India, especially people who are staying in a strong winter zone please avoid alcohol and smoking which causes irregular heartbeat, dizziness or chest pain. Wear warm clothing to keep warm when the cold is strong. People with heart disease or high blood pressure should avoid excessive physical activity in winter. Citizens who have had heart surgery or citizens who have heart Problems make sure that the heart is healthy by doing all the necessary heart checkups. It is also important to control blood sugar and cholesterol in winter. Eat less salt in your diet during this season.  Eating too much salt is also bad for your heart health. "

Commenting on prediction of a second wave of CoronaVirus Dr. Mayur Jain, Senior Interventional Cardiologist from Apex Hospital Mulund said, “No medical conclusions have been drawn as to what the virus will look like in the cold across the country. This is the first winter since the Corona epidemic hit India.  Public transport is closed during the monsoons, which reduces the number of commuters, but now the situation has changed.  All the main markets and vegetable markets have started in Maharashtra and the corona epidemic should not be under the illusion of the past. Patients with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease are urged to take special care.  Wearing a face mask while going out for Diwali shopping, keeping proper distance between two persons and it is also important to wash your hands when you come home from outside.”



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