Scientists made this plan to save the earth from famine, ice age and floods


London : The earth is warming very fast. Scientists estimate that the earth’s temperature will increase by about 1.5 degrees in the next few years. This will cause drought in many parts of the world. There will be a famine and millions of people are likely to die. That’s why scientists have been trying for years to stop the Earth from warming further. In this connection, some American scientists have discovered a new trick. He believes that if only this is done then the rise in earth’s temperature can be stopped.

Water vapor is a natural greenhouse gas. It does not allow heat to pass through. It works in the same way as the carbon dioxide gas released when coal, oil or gas is burnt. Therefore it is as dangerous as carbon dioxide. That is why scientists believe that if these vapors present in the upper atmosphere of the earth are dried then the heat will find a way to escape. This will reduce the temperature of the earth, that is, the earth will become cold.

It has been said in the report that scientists want to throw snow in that part of the atmosphere, so that that part becomes cold. However, it also has many dangers.

This cannot be implemented immediately, further research is needed. But this can be a good option, through which we can save the earth. We are talking about throwing ice particles into the air at a height of 17 kilometers from the earth by a state-of-the-art aircraft. The ice will cool the vapors. But how much ice will be required for this? On this question he said, two tonnes of snow will have to be released into the air every week. By doing this the temperature can reduce by 5 degrees. There will not be much reduction, and pollution will also reduce.


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