New York : Scientists have developed a special type of vegetarian chicken meat that aims to provide the full experience of real meat for those who have chosen a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. The meat is produced using cellular structures that closely resemble chicken meat but without causing harm to any animals. It is created in bioreactors within existing factories and falls under the category of cultured meat, which is produced in laboratories.

The number of companies involved in producing cultured meat, milk, and similar products has increased significantly in the past decade, with approximately 150 such companies operating worldwide. Recently, two companies introduced lab-grown chicken products that are expected to become available in restaurants soon.

Setting up plants for the production of cultured meat requires substantial investment, but the demand for these products may rise due to their ability to provide meat alternatives without animal cruelty. Supporters of this project believe it will help alleviate the negative impacts associated with traditional meat consumption. However, critics argue that despite the considerable investment and effort involved, the final outcome may not be as promising as anticipated.


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