Scheme for Strengthening of the State Waqf Boards




One of the four new schemes of the Ministry of Minority Affairs to be launched this financial year, the Scheme for Strengthening of the State Waqf Boards is proposed to be implemented in pursuance of the recommendation of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Waqf. Under the scheme, Grants-in-aid is proposed to be provided for strengthening the State Waqf Boards as most of the State Waqf Boards lack resources to function effectively. Improvement in the performance of the State Waqf Boards would result in better management of Waqf properties and help generate resources which would be available for implementation of welfare activities for weaker sections among Muslims

. An amount of Rs. 7 crore has been earmarked in the Ministry’s 2010-11 budget for the implementation of this new scheme and the number of Waqf Boards to be assisted will be 15. The scheme would be formulated, appraised and implemented with the approval of competent authority.



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