Say Goodbye to Financial Troubles ( Tulsi Chalisa ) The Secret Ritual of Tulsi Puja Revealed

glory of Tulsi Chalisa
glory of Tulsi Chalisa

Explore the profound significance of Tulsi Puja and discover the one thing you need to do for a better life. Unveil the mystery of Mata Tulsi Chalisa and unlock prosperity and contentment

Tulsi Puja, an important ritual in Sanatan Dharma, involves the worship of the sacred Tulsi plant. According to religious beliefs, this plant is dear to Lord Vishnu and even Goddess Lakshmi resides in it. To appease the goddess of wealth, it is essential to offer Tulsi leaves during bhog and to worship it regularly.

Interestingly, reading the Chalisa of Mata Tulsi during Tulsi Puja can result in financial prosperity and a sense of contentment. It is believed that the goddess is pleased with this act of devotion, and in turn, blesses her worshippers. Therefore, if you’re facing financial troubles, it might be worth considering this powerful ritual.

Overall, Tulsi Puja offers an excellent opportunity for individuals to connect with their spirituality and attain inner peace. By incorporating this simple yet significant practice into your daily routine, you can enhance your sense of well-being and experience greater joy in life. So, why not give it a try and see the positive effects for yourself?

ll Tulsi Chalisa ll

ll Doha ll
Shri Tulsi Maharani, let me bow down.
The mother who is in dire straits, give her mother’s intoxication.

ll Chaupai ll
Namo Namo Tulsi Maharani, Mahima Amit Na Jay Bakhani.
Let Vishnu respect you, Suyash Mahana shines in the world.
Vishnupriya Jai Jayati Bhavani, there should be happiness in all the three worlds.

Whoever worships Bhagwat, does not succeed without you.
The house where there is no tree, Vishnu does not dwell on it.
Do sada jo tav nit sumiran, tehike kaj hoy sab paran.
The month of Katik is your greatness, that’s why the whole world knows.
Those who worship virgins, they will get beautiful groom Sukumari.

The woman who worships every day, becomes happy with happiness and wealth.
The worship done by an old woman, gets devotion, the mind is thrilled.
Whoever worships with devotion, gets wet from the building fund.
Get Katha Bhagwat Yagya done, without you there will be no success.
Shadow then Pratap Jagbhari, Dhyavat you are the gross Chitdhari.
You are in Mat Yantran Tantran, gross work is accomplished in a moment.
Mother, you are the form of medicine, you are famous all over the world.
Dev Rishi Muni and Tapdhari, always do Tav Jai Jaykari.
Ved Puranan Tav fame sang, could not cross the glory Agam.
Namo Namo Jai Jai Sukhkarni, Namo Namo Jai Dakhnivarni.
Namo Namo to give happiness, Namo Namo Agh katan cheni.
Namo Namo devotee, loss of sorrow, Namo Namo evil person’s item.

Namo Namo Bhava to cross, Namo Namo Parlok Sudharani.
Namo Namo Nij Bhakt Ubarani, Namo Namo Janakaj Sanwarani.
Namo-namo jai kumati nashawani, namo namo all happiness upjavani.
Jayati Jayati Hail Tulsimai, I bow my head to you.
Adopt your loved ones, you make bad things happen.
I humbly beat you, I have full hope for you.
May I celebrate you by surrendering my feet, may I sing your praises every day.
Karhu Mata, this is now Mopar Daya, Nirmal Hoy Sakal Mamkaya.
I ask mother, give me this rain, fulfill all my wishes.
I don’t know some name of pickle, our crime is six months.
The worship that you do for twelve months is like no other in the world.
First of all get Ganges water, then take a beautiful bath.
Offer sandalwood intact flowers, apply incense lamp naivedya.
Walk with the water of the Ganges, meditate with a pure heart.
Recite Chalisa again, praise Mother Tulsa.
Worship this method always, so that the body does not suffer.
Karai month is the means of Kartik, so that it becomes holy every day.
This story is a great pleasure, read and listen to it.

ll Doha ll
Whoever recites this Shri Tulsi Chalisa.
Govind gets the fruit that the mind desires.


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