Dual full moons
Dual full moons

Haridwar, Kashi  : Discover the fascinating celestial event of dual full moons in the sacred month of Sawan! Unravel the mystery of Raksha Bandhan’s celebration date this year, and learn about auspicious timings to tie the Rakhi in our comprehensive guide

Unraveling the mystery of Raksha Bandhan’s celebration date this year might seem perplexing at first, but fear not! Let’s dive into the fascinating world of lunar cycles and auspicious timings.

This year, there’s a rare occurrence of two full moons in the sacred month of Sawan. Traditionally, people perform donation-bathing rituals and celebrate Raksha Bandhan on the full moon day, known as Purnima, of this auspicious month. However, the presence of two full moons has caused some confusion among enthusiasts.

The first full moon, referred to as Sawan Adhik Purnima, graces the skies on 1st August, a Tuesday. The auspicious time for the rituals is from 03.51 am to 12.01 am. Following this, the second full moon of Sawan blesses us on 30th August, a Wednesday, continuing till 07.05 am on Thursday, 31st August. This means the Shravan Purnima fast will be observed on 30th August, while the bath donation will be performed on 31st August. And, of course, the cherished festival of Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on both days.

Now, here’s where the Bhadra period comes into play. The Bhadra Kaal will start on 30th August along with the full moon date. According to scriptures, it is deemed inauspicious to celebrate the Shravani festival during the Bhadra period. So, to ensure the Rakhi-tying ceremony is at its most propitious, it’s best to wait until after 09.02 minutes on August 30th. The afternoon is considered particularly favorable for this sacred act. This means tying the Rakhi in the morning on the 30th is not recommended due to the Bhadra Kaal.

However, the morning of August 31st provides a perfect window of opportunity for tying the Rakhi. As the Shravan Purnima lasts till 07.05 am on this day, there is no shadow of Bhadra, making it an auspicious time to express your sibling love by tying the Rakhi early in the morning.

In conclusion, Raksha Bandhan will be celebrated on both the 30th and 31st of August this year due to the unique celestial event of dual full moons in Sawan. Remember to avoid the Bhadra Kaal on the 30th, and seize the auspicious moment on the morning of the 31st to strengthen the bond of love and protection with your beloved siblings. Happy Raksha Bandhan!


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