Friday, July 3rd, 2020

Saving cow progeny is the biggest challenge

Bhopal ,

The Governor Shri Lalji Tandon said that the university should conduct a campaign for improvement of cow breed. University should not be dependent only on grants, but should develop sources of income and become self-reliant. He said that universities should work on a comprehensive scheme of cow protection and conservation in mission mode. Implement the use of new technology in integrated manner in breed improvement, fodder and milk production. Shri Tandon was reviewing the Nanaji Deshmukh University of Veterinary Sciences, Jabalpur at Raj Bhavan. At the initiative of the Governor, a decision was taken that the grant will be provided by the Animal Husbandry Department to the University for running 10 Gaushalas of 100 cows each.

The Governor Shri Tandon said that saving cow progeny is the biggest challenge at present. To change this scenario, university must work on a comprehensive project of cow rearing. He further mentioned that the university should consider an initiative to use stray cows as surrogated mother in the university by using modern technology. University should set a goal to produce high breed calves of indigenous breed. The sale of calves will reduce the economic dependency of the university. Similarly, the work to produce fodder should also be done in a new way. There are such bags of fodder available in the market, in which green fodder can be kept safe for one and a half months. While the fodder produced will meet the dietary needs of the university's cattle, its sale will also increase and improve the production of milk in the region. The villagers will be encouraged by familiarizing themselves with the benefits of animal husbandry, he added.

Shri Tandon mentioned that the university must pay special stress on publicity of the efforts of value oriented activities. Work pertaining to development of resources should be given priority to make the new project self-sustainable. He further stated that a scheme to install bio-gas plant is being run by the Indian Oil Corporation, under the scheme the company along with installing the plant, buys the gas produced in it. The residue from the plant is also a rich fertilizer, by releasing the same in the pond, multiple increase can be made in fish production. He expected that the university will try to reach out to the farmers by showing successful experiments of new technology. He said that efforts are also necessary to improve the fertility of cows. Examples are before us for producing many advanced breeds in a year with new technology. By expanding it the work to improve the indigenous breed should be done. He said that due to marketism, foreign companies will never promote indigenous breeds. The Central Government is laying special emphasis on the indigenous breed improvement programme. With the help of the programme, miraculous results can be achieved in one-and-a-half years.

Moreover, the Governor said that the university named after the Great Nanji Deshmukh should set an example of functioning to face challenges by resolving them with innovating thinking. He informed that at the time of Nanaji, boring was done free of cost by the government. There was also a good subsidy on pumps. The cast iron pipe was used to be put, which was very costly. The poor farmers were not able to take its advantage. Nanaji obtained the bamboos from the nearby forest and used them as pipes by making them hollow from inside and changed the condition of the village farming.

In the meeting, the Vice Chancellor Dr. Juyal informed that the university has developed a Narmada Nidhi of indigenous breed which is suitable for rearing in the rural environment. A patent has also been received in the field of cloning technology. He also showed products of mosquito repellent, wood and pots made from dung by the university. The Secretary to Governor Shri Manohar Dubey was present at the meeting. .



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