Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Arabia is working on a $500 billion project in the desert. It is being described as the longest and most difficult project in history. This desert, spread over an area equal to the size of Belgium, has been named Neom, which Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) wants to become a hi-tech city. It started with $500 billion. Neom is being described as a futuristic eco city, which will be built according to the environmental goals of Saudi Arabia. Through this project, the aim is to bring a transformation in the economy of Saudi Arabia.

The site where the Neyom city is under construction is located in the far northwest of Saudi Arabia. This area extends from the sun-scorched Red Sea coast to the rough mountainous areas. The temperature here even crosses 100F during the summer. Also there is no source of fresh water here. Still, MBS and his advisors believe that it will soon be home to millions of people who live in harmony with the environment.

Bringing the project of the city of Neom out of the realm of science fiction is a formidable challenge. Availability of funds is one thing but turning an idea into reality is another. Several people working on the project said that the problems are constantly cropping up. They are also being cured but at the moment their end is not visible. However, experts around the world are constantly working on it. PLC/GT


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