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New Delhi,
Tennis player Sania Mirza has been selected under Target Olympic Podium (TOP) Scheme for financial assistance from National Sports Development Fund (NSDF) for training as part of preparation for Olympic 2016. She has been allocated a budget of Rs 60.00 Lacs for customized training. Consequently, She requested the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports for financial assistance on account of payment of coaching fee and other training expenses. It is noted that her personal coach is Mr. Christian Filhol (France) and she has signed an agreement with him for availing of his services. It is also noted that the other training expenses include boarding/ lodging, travel and services of support persons.

The Competent Authority has approved in-principle Sania Mirza’s request for payment of USD 3000 per week as coaching fee and USD 2000 per week towards other training expenses. It is noted that she is participating in competitions regularly and therefore, it is presumed that the training will not be continuous. Therefore, Sania Mirza is required to submit the actual schedule of training. She is also required to intimate the place and country of training.

Financial Assistance upto Rs 30.00 Lacs (being 50% of the budget allocated to Sania Mirza ) will be released in installments after getting the actual schedule of training with supporting documents. The release of the balance amount will be made after selection of her partner in Doubles/Mixed Doubles.


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