Salaar : PVR Shuts Down Rumors, Confirmed Release Date


New Delhi : Within the pulsating realm of entertainment news, the recent whirlwind of rumors surrounding the release of the highly anticipated film ‘Salaar’ has sparked an intense curiosity among avid fans. Misleading reports suggesting a retraction of the release from PVR-Ainex Cinemas had created a ripple effect. Let’s set the record straight.

PVR Dispels Rumors with an Official Statement

Addressing the speculations head-on, PVR has unequivocally dismissed the claims, providing an official statement to quash the misinformation. As the countdown to the release of Prabhas’s blockbuster ‘Salaar: Part 1 – Seizfire’ ticks away, PVR took the opportunity to clarify the situation.

Release Date Confirmation: A Ray of Joy for Prabhas Fans

Contrary to the speculations, ‘Salaar’ is on track for its highly anticipated release on the predetermined date of December 22, 2023. The film is set to hit PVR Ainex Cinemas across India, ensuring an unforgettable cinematic experience for fans eagerly awaiting this cinematic spectacle.

PVR Affirms Commitment to Salaar’s Grand Premiere

In an official statement, PVR declared, “We have come across some imaginative media reports regarding the release of the film ‘Salaar’ in PVR Ainex Cinemas. We want to make it clear that these reports are false. ‘Salaar’ is one of the most awaited films of the year, and it will indeed premiere on the scheduled date, December 22, 2023, across all PVR Ainex Cinemas in India.”

Salaar vs. Dunki: The Battle of the Titans

As the release date approaches, ‘Salaar’ finds itself in direct competition with Shahrukh Khan’s latest offering, ‘Dunki.’ Directed by Prashant Neil and featuring Prithviraj Sukumaran, ‘Salaar’ aims to captivate audiences with its unique storyline and stellar performances. The clash with ‘Dunki’ adds an extra layer of excitement, pitting two cinematic giants against each other.

Salaar : The Epic Showdown Awaits

In the face of rumors and baseless speculations, PVR stands firm, assuring fans that ‘Salaar’ will meet its scheduled release date. As the battle for box office supremacy between ‘Salaar’ and ‘Dunki’ looms large, cinephiles can rest assured that they are in for a cinematic treat come December 22, 2023.


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