Salaar Box Office Triumph: Prabhas Sets Records with Seize the Fire

SALAAR,Prabhas ,Shruti Haasan , Prashanth Neel
SALAAR,Prabhas ,Shruti Haasan , Prashanth Neel

Bangalore : Prabhas’ latest sensation, “Salaar,” has stormed the box office, rewriting records right from its opening. The film completed its 17-day run on Sunday, signaling a milestone achievement in its business trajectory. From the outset, Salaar asserted its dominance, consistently escalating its collection despite the fierce competition, even against Shah Rukh Khan’s release.

Record-Breaking Openings

The film made a staggering debut, surpassing all expectations, raking in a collection upwards of 90 crore on its first day alone. Within a few days of its release, Salaar effortlessly entered the 100, 200, and 300 crore clubs, now eyeing the coveted 400 crore milestone.

Weekend Triumphs

Breaking down Salaar’s weekend collections, Friday saw an earning of 3.65 crore, followed by an impressive 5.45 crore on Saturday. However, Sunday witnessed a substantial surge, registering an earning of 5.75 crore, consolidating Salaar’s domestic box office earnings to a staggering 392.94 crore in just 17 days.

The Tale of Salaar

At its core, Salaar’s narrative unfolds in the imagined city of Khansasar, revolving around the escapades of two friends, Deva (played by Prabhas) and Vardha (portrayed by Prithviraj). “Salaar: Part 1 – Seize the Fire” casts Prabhas in the lead, alongside an ensemble featuring Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shruti Haasan, Eshwari Rao, Shriya Reddy, Teenu Anand, and Jagapati Babu. Notably, the success of Salaar has already sparked talks of a sequel, “Salaar: Part 2 – The Chronicles of Valor,” anticipated to continue the saga.

Salaar’s meteoric rise at the box office

Salaar’s meteoric rise at the box office, shattering records and setting new benchmarks, cements Prabhas’ prowess as a box office magnet. Its relentless growth in collections amidst competitive releases showcases the film’s magnetic appeal and the audience’s enthusiasm. Salaar emerges not just as a blockbuster but as a phenomenon that transcends expectations.

  1. What contributed to Salaar’s massive success?
    Salaar’s success can be attributed to Prabhas’ star power, an engaging storyline, and the audience’s anticipation.
  2. Will there be a sequel to Salaar?
    Yes, talks of a sequel, “Salaar: Part 2 – The Chronicles of Valor,” are already in the works.
  3. How does Salaar compare to Shah Rukh Khan’s film?
    Salaar’s exceptional performance at the box office showcases its ability to hold its ground against fierce competition.
  4. What genres does Salaar encompass?
    Salaar encompasses elements of action, drama, and adventure, offering a thrilling cinematic experience.
  5. Who are the main actors in Salaar?
    Prabhas takes the lead in Salaar, supported by a talented ensemble including Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shruti Haasan, and others.


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