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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Sahitya Akademi gets full fledged Secretary

Sahitya Akademi,(National Akademi of Letters India,Dr. K. Sreenivasarao  Secretary, Sahitya Akademi , National Academy of LettersINVC,


 ""  Appointment aptly timed when Annual Festival of Letters is to be held from 18-22 Feb 2013
• Shares his vision on promotion of literature ""
Dr K. Sreenivasarao formally assumed the office of the full-fledged Secretary, Sahitya Akademi or National Academy of Letters on the 1st of February 2013, having served as Secretary In-Charge of the Akademi since 27th August 2012. Sreenivasarao has been with the Akademi for last twenty-four years working in different capacities as Programme Office, Regional Secretary, Officer on Special Duty and Deputy Secretary. He has been associated with various programmes and projects of the Akademi and in ways more than one and has grew with the institution. For literature lovers, Sahitya Akademi has been the most happening place with its series of activities bringing writers and readers together and giving opportunities to them to interact with the visiting foreign delegations of writers. It is apt that Rao’s appointment as the full-fledged Secretary comes at a time when Sahitya Akademi is poised to hold Sahitya Ustav- an annual "Festival of Letters" - from 18-22 February 2013 wherein awards are given away to the best writers in 24 languages and events such as pictorial and book exhibition showcasing Akademi’s year round activities, seminar and media interaction are held.   Being a student of literature himself, Sreenivasarao studied Girish Karnad’s plays for his doctoral thesis. Why Girish Karnad? – he answers – “because I am fascinated by his deft handling of traditional themes in the modern context.” Sharing his priority, Rao said he will be “giving importance to women writers by starting a forum called, Nari Chetana.” “For Dalit literature there will be Jagruti, for young writers, Yuva Sahiti, for children writing, Bal Sahiti, and for literary activities of the north-eastern states, it will be called Purvotta." For promotion and dissemination of literature far and wide, Rao also realizes the importance of translation and translators.Though the Akademi already has relevant scheme in the category titled "Kavi-Anuvadak", Rao is exploring other means to strengthen the bond between original writing and translation. He wants to have more book exhibitions and mobile vans to take books to people. He also has plans to have Akademi programmes in small towns instead of making them city-centric. He acknowledges the role of social media in disseminating literature, because of its trans-national character, and would explore the digital route too



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