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Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Safeguarding yourself from the unscrupulous immigration

- Ajay Sharma - 

With the advent of globalization and the technology taking over, everyone dreams of travelling abroad and even plans to settle down and live a luxurious life. It sounds so good to the ears, but, nothing comes easy in this world.

People put all their lifetime savings or sometimes sell their property just to go to their dream country without knowing about the consequences they may face there. For the immigration process, one needs to hire the services of an expert immigration consultant and choosing the right one is not an easy job. Many immigration firms provide fabricated information and promise sure shot visa and work permit for guaranteed high-paying jobs in various countries. But most of the times it all turn out to be a fraud. This reasons why individuals are getting swindled out by these consultants is a direct result of ignorance and unawareness about the transition process. Individuals blindly trust on the consultant and get cheated.

Immigration consultancies are basically companies involved in the business of providing solutions and smooth processing of migration permanently to a foreign country. From shifting from one country to another for any kind of purposes like a job, higher education, business or marital status requires a legal authority and documentation. It can take much time if all the major formalities are done by a person on their own. Also, these procedures may become complicated and later turn into lots of serious troubles. So, to avoid such situations and delays in the immigration process, people prefer to consult with immigration consultants.

But sometimes these consultants can be proved as a fraud, because of which the dream of settling to a foreign country can turn into a nightmare. There are a number of examples, where immigration agents have proven to be fraud and the hard earned money of many individuals have been drained out.

So, if you are planning for shifting to a new country and consulting an immigration consultant for that purpose, then you must adhere to a few measures mentioned below:

•   How to choose the right immigration consultant?

Travelling and settling abroad has been the ultimate desire for a major part of the population. So, hiring a consultant to make this process convenient has also become really popular. But, as it is said everything that glitters is not gold, likewise, not all the consultants are worth your time and money. Following pointers should be kept in mind while choosing the right Immigration consultant who would turn your dream into a reality.

•  So-called connections don’t work

Be very careful if someone claims to have connections or special influence with any government official or agency.  These people are outright frauds. Immigration applications are decided based on merits of the case and not on the grounds of connections that these consultants carry with a consulate or a visa officer.

•  Finding a registered Immigration consultant is easy

Whether you go to Australia, Canada, UK, and New Zealand or for that matter any destination, only opt for registered Immigration consultants. Go to the website of the company/firm whose services you are planning to hire because only a registered consultant can get you a legal and fully documented visa. Your antenna should immediately go up if a particular website does not carry the name and registration number of the accredited agent working with them. You must insist on seeking such details. Also, ensure that the service agreement that you sign carries the name of the agent and his/her registration number.

Always sign a written service agreement and take a valid fee receipt from the Immigration consultant whose services you are hiring. Never make the payment for the Visa consultation fee without the agreement that does not define the scope of services and the conditions for refund in case the visa does not get approved.  You should be extremely careful and must always avoid becoming a victim of such a situation.

Another thing that should be taken care of is the mode of payment. NEVER make the payment to the consultant in cash.

•   If you hire an immigration consultant, make sure they are practicing legally

Another very important aspect of this whole process is the legal status of your consultant. If an immigration consultant is assisting you with your case, make sure they are registered to do so.

To verify that the registration number is valid and has not been revoked or suspended, you must check the website of the relevant regulatory body.  Checking the legal status of your consultant is extremely important because if he is not an authorized consultant the whole immigration process will be termed as illegal.

•   Avoid signing blank Immigration application forms

Be certain while reviewing the form and make sure all the information is correct BEFORE it is filed because once the application is filed there is no looking back. More than anything else it is important that you never put your signatures on forms that are nor filed and even empty pages for that matter. Also, do not forget to take a copy of the form that is filed in your name.

•   Always get proof that shows that your applications have actually been filed

Make sure your consultant provides you with a government filing receipt whenever anything is being submitted in your name. Keep yourself updated with the proceedings.

•   Don’t rely on anyone to find you a sponsor or spouse to get a green card

One of the biggest myths amongst the people is that they can get the residence visa if they find a spouse or a sponsor. This is considered as an immigration fraud and is completely ILLEGAL. If the authorities figure out that you are lying about your relationship status only for the visa, they can cancel your visa forever and could even lead to deportation.

So, before approaching any consultant do a comprehensive research about the firm and beware of the fraud consultancies so that you will not get cheated. Make sure that the consultant you are choosing has a good background of their work.

About the author
Ajay Sharma
Author and Entrepreneur

Ajay Sharma is one of the pioneers of Immigration consulting in India, having founded the company in 1994. Since then, he has been a part of thousands of immigration and visa application filings for various countries. Over the years, he has gained a deep insight into the various laws and procedures regarding Immigration. More so, he has an excellent understanding of its practical approach. His excellent knowledge skills that he has gained from past precedents on application processing under various circumstances are another key factor of the company's success. Since, Immigration refers to law, nothing can beat experience!

President, Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt. Ltd.  He can be reached at
Disclaimer : The views expressed by the author in this feature are entirely his  own and do not necessarily reflect the views of INVC NEWS.



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