Russia Ukraine War : Refusal to push Russian soldiers to death


The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for the past several months. Meanwhile, according to a report, Russia is jailing its own soldiers for refusing to go to fight in Ukraine. Also they are thrashed. The report said that Russian soldiers and their families complained about the lack of preparedness. But the troops are being ordered forward with little knowledge of their objective.

Quoting two Russian soldiers, the report said that one of them refused to push the Russian jawans to death. One soldier said that when Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, it refused to fight because of little support for the frontline troops. After this he and other soldiers were jailed.

Another army officer reported that when he refused to volunteer for battle, he and four other army officers were confined in the basement of a building. His mother was then informed by the Russian military that all were missing following the shelling of the particular building while they were imprisoned .PLC/GT


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