Moscow – :  Relations between India and Russia are changing after the war between Russia and Ukraine, while relations between India and Russia are an important pillar of the foreign policy of both the countries. India has always considered Russia a reliable partner. Now these relationships are changing. According to media reports, Russia has threatened India to cancel energy and arms deals. Russia is likely to be blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) by June. Russia has sought help from India to avoid coming in this list. It has also threatened to cancel all deals with India for not helping or failing in this.

According to a media report, isolated Russia has appealed to India for help. The pressure from FATF is now coming out as a threat from Russia. FATF is an organization to ban money laundering and terrorist financing. It is to have a meeting in June, in which a decision on sanctions on Russia may be taken.

India is its member and in February 2022, when the war with Ukraine started, the FATF terminated Russia’s membership. Now in such a situation, he is seeking help from those countries which can save him from being blacklisted.

If FATF bans, Russia will be in the category of North Korea, Iran and Myanmar.

Russia is already under a lot of sanctions because of the Russia-Ukraine war. If it is blacklisted by FATF in such a situation, then it will come in the same category as Russia, North Korea, Iran and Myanmar. If Russia is blacklisted, then FATF members, banks, investment companies and payment systems will have to be careful. Even they will have the right to retaliate against Russia. If Russia, which has been facing sanctions since the war, comes in the gray list of FATF, then the remaining economy will also be destroyed. In such a situation, coming in the list of FATF would be a step to double his troubles.

Russia has warned India that if it comes in the blacklist, then the defense, energy and other deals between the two countries will be in danger. Russia has threatened to cancel arms exports, cooperation between oil companies Rosneft and Nayara Energy Ltd and development of railway corridors. Russia has been India’s main arms supplier. Russia has said that the deal will be at risk in FATF’s gray list.


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