Russia is facing an arms crisis – due to lack of microchip weapons are useless

It has been more than 6 months since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia is also facing sanctions from many countries including America, its effect is beginning to be visible. Here Ukraine has claimed that Russia is facing an arms crisis. He doesn’t have many missiles left. It also has a ‘limited stock’ of hypersonic weapons due to lack of microchips. According to reports, after losing more missiles than initially anticipated, Moscow is looking to acquire these semiconductor microchips.

According to the report, Ukraine announced in May that Russia was using microchips from devices such as computers and refrigerators. The problem of microchips became a crisis as Russia had to turn to older Soviet-era rockets instead of modern precision missiles due to dwindling microchips.
Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Schmihal estimated that Russia is limited to only four dozen hypersonic missiles. He said that these are the missiles which have accuracy due to microchips. But due to sanctions imposed on Russia, deliveries of this high-tech microchip have stopped, and they have no way of replenishing these stocks. While Russia has three types of hypersonic weapons, semiconductor chips are an essential part of hypersonic weapons, space sensors and even stealth aircraft.
Moscow needs a lot of these semiconductor chips to keep the war going. Microchips are made by companies in the US, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Taiwan and Japan. If Russia somehow bridges the microchip shortfall, the war could go on longer, which would be fatal for Ukraine.
Ukraine remains committed to preventing Russia from acquiring the high-tech microchips needed for both supersonic and hypersonic missiles. It has urged countries around the world not to help Russia with semiconductors, transformers, connectors, casings, transistors, insulators and other parts. PLC/GT


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