Russia Accuses NATO of Adopting Cold War Tactics, Vows to Respond

Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin

Vilnius : It appears that there are ongoing developments related to NATO and its interactions with Russia. The recent NATO summit in Lithuania concluded without Ukraine receiving a clear commitment to its NATO membership. Instead, Ukraine received assurances of security cooperation. In response to the summit’s rhetoric, Russia’s Foreign Ministry accused NATO countries of adopting Cold War tactics and declared readiness to respond to perceived threats in any way necessary. Additionally, Sweden’s path to NATO membership seems to have been cleared during the summit.

One significant outcome of the NATO meeting was the decision to provide Ukraine with long-range weapons. Russia criticized this move, alleging that certain countries, led by the United States, aim to prolong the war in Ukraine. On the final day of the summit, US President Joe Biden made a statement against Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him greedy for land and power. President Biden affirmed NATO’s strength and unity, asserting that Russia’s attempt to fracture the alliance through its actions in Ukraine had failed. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov responded by accusing NATO countries, along with their American allies, of pushing Russia towards nuclear danger by supplying Ukraine with Sn-16 fighter jets.

Turkey, under the mediation of President Biden, has now paved the way for Sweden’s accession to NATO. This development comes 16 months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and is seen as a significant success for NATO. Both Finland and Sweden, Nordic countries, applied for NATO membership after abandoning their long-standing policy of neutrality. While Finland has already become the 31st member of NATO, Sweden faced opposition from existing NATO members Turkey and Hungary. However, Sweden is now set to become the 32nd NATO member. This decision is expected to enhance NATO’s strength and contribute to countering Russian influence in Northern Europe, as it provides a stronger defense shield against Russia in the north.

These recent events reflect the complex dynamics and tensions between NATO countries and Russia, particularly in the context of Ukraine. It is important to note that the information provided is based on the given text and might not capture all the nuances of the situation.


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