Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Running in losses

Chandigarh ,

Haryana Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Lal said that the state government is giving sugarcane price to the farmers at the rate of Rs 340 per quintal which is highest in the country.

          While replying to the calling attention notice during the ongoing Budget Session of Haryana Vidhan Sabha here today, he said that  to further enhance the price of sugarcane, the state government is taking several measures including increasing the income of both the cooperative and private  sugar mills of the State in a phased manner.

          He said that though the recovery of sugar mills have been increased upto 12 per cent, efforts are being made to further enhance the same as the rate of sugarcane largely depends upon the financial condition of sugar mills.

          The Chief Minister said that it is for the first time in last several years that the price of sugar has increased to over Rs 3000 per quintal and added that if this price continue to increase in a similar way and reached to Rs 3300 per quintal, the state government would be able to increase the sugarcane price next year.

          The Chief Minister said that the State Government aims to enhance the income of farmers and also increase the price of sugarcane. For this, the condition of sugar mills would also be kept in consideration, which he said are running in losses for the last few years. He said that persistent efforts are being made by the state government to enhance the income as well as viability of sugar mills to purchase maximum produce of farmers.  The Deputy Commissioner concerned have been made the incharge of Sugar Mill, Naraingarh so as to enhance the income of the Mill.

          The Chief Minister said that the price of sugarcane depends on various factors. Quoting sugarcane price since 1975-76 in support of his claim, he said that there was also a time when the rate of sugarcane was Rs 26 per quintal but instead of increasing the price reduced to Rs 22 per quintal. Later on it increased from Rs 22 to Rs 23 and Rs 23 to Rs 24 per quintal. Similarly, the price of sugarcane in 1980-81 was Rs 26 per quintal which reduced to Rs 24 per quintal in 1983-84 and again increased to Rs 27 per quintal in 1985-86. He said that likewise, there was also a time when the sugarcane price was Rs 110 per quintal and remained the same for five years.



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