Roposo launches ‘Pride of India’ program, a collaboration with Indian achievers like Babita Phogat, Neel Ghose, Chandro Tomar & Sangram Singh



New Delhi ,

Roposo launched the ‘Pride of India’ program, a collaboration with Indian achievers like Babita Phogat, Chandro Tomar, Neel Ghose and Sangram Singh. The multifaceted program recognizes remarkable Indians by providing them with a platform to mentor and inspire fellow Indians.  


India is a land of many talents. Many Indians have made it big in their chosen field and many more are waiting to be discovered. Roposo believes that each of us has an innate talent that needs a bit of inspiration and a platform to shine.  


The inaugural phase of the program kickstarts with Babita Phogat, India’s first gold medal winner in women’s wrestling at the Commonwealth Games, Chandro Tomar aka Shooter Dadi, who at the age of 88 years is the oldest woman sharpshooter in the world, Sangram Singh, the world’s best wrestler (as per World Wrestling Professionals), and Neel Ghose, whose Robin Hood Army is on a mission to feed 30 Million Citizens.  


“Just like age has no bearing on my achievements, Roposo is an all-encompassing platform that doesn’t differentiate across statures. I am happy to contribute to a platform that doesn’t put constraints on unlocking one’s full potential,” says Chandro Tomar.

Each ‘Pride of India’ mentor will have a Roposo profile to share their experiences and life lessons with other aspiring Indians through innovative Roposo-styled short-video capsules.  

“As the largest #MadeInIndia social video platform in the country, we have a great responsibility towards creating a platform rooted in Indian culture and ethos,” said Bikash Chowdhury, CMO of Glance which owns Roposo. “With the Roposo Pride of India’ program, we hope to recognize Indians who have made the nation proud and contribute to the cause of nation-building by inspiring millions of Indians to realize their full potential.”  


“I’m really grateful to the Roposo team for providing this platform – the “pride” honestly belongs to every single Robin in the Robin Hood Army, said Neel Ghose. “We’ve done impact campaigns with Roposo over the years, so it’s even more special coming from a team which obviously cares about building a better, more inclusive community and future.”  


Chandro Tomar, Neel Ghose and Sangram Singh are already Roposo active, having garnered more than 25k followers within a day. Babita Phogat will be sharing her first message in the coming days.  


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